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My Story

     I began my leadership career 20 years ago in the hospitality industry. There I created Leadership Development programs, shoulder-to-shoulder training, LSM training, food safety audits and so much more.

      I joined the Cannabis industry when it began here in Missouri, in 2020. Joining a start up in the market I was involved in; local community engagement, marketing, operations, training and education, compliance and sales.

      My passion and commitment to educate on Cannabis as medicine is unwavering. I have presented at the local police department, developed patient education sessions, and created a top of line training program for dispensaries.



“Marijuana has killed far fewer people than swimming pools; it’s the war against it that does all the violence.” – Lawrence Reed

My Mission

My mission is to provide cannabis services that will elevate not only your business performance but also the patient experience. Compliance and education are the center point to increasing sales, return patients, and a low turnover in staff. When a patient enters a Missouri dispensary for the first time or the tenth it is our job as advocates to be providing education and guidance for their needs. Through my shoulder-to-shoulder training program our front line workers are armed with all the information and tools they need to guide our patients through an educated experience while building the business through patient experience and operations.

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